SRE Curriculum Notes

Classes 1-3

These classes have taken an ‘integrated’ approach to their notes, where subjects are not specifically separated. Rather, by order of those subjects that link well with each other, the syllabus allows easy-teaching by our teachers, and understanding for our students to link aspects of Islamic learning that go hand in hand.

CLASS 1  (Ages 4-5)

CLASS 2 (Ages 5-6)

CLASS 3 (Ages 6-7)

Classes 4 – 10

These notes consist of Belief and Actions (Fiqh/Aqaid) and Morals, Ethics, and History (Akhlaq/Tarikh). After a lot of consideration, the notes have been strategically formatted to interlink between subjects where relevant. This allows easy teaching and a better understanding of how Islam links and brings together aspects of our Morals and Ethics, with History.

CLASS 4 (Ages 7-8)

CLASS 5 (Ages 8-9)

CLASS 6 (Ages 9-10)

CLASS 7 (Ages 10-11)

CLASS 8 (Ages 11-12)

CLASS 9 (Ages 12-13)

CLASS 10 (Ages 13-14)