Due to continuous demand, we are looking for qualified and passionate people to join our team to teach Islamic SRE (school scripture) at local public high schools.

Shia Islamic SRE

Shia Islamic SRE

Shia Islamic School Scripture is an initiative of AL-JAAFARIA Society Incorporated, we consider SRE a great way to be involved in our local community as we assist children and young people to engage with the faith of their family, It’s a great privilege to help educate children to form a strong personal moral and ethical structure, enabling children to have a stronger understanding of faith while at school. It’s an opportunity for children to explore and understand the religious scripture of Islam. AL-JAAFARIA is an Approved Provider of SRE and working with many Public Schools (Primary & High schools).

What is SRE?

Special Religious Education (SRE) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. Under the Education Act 1990, s. 32, government schools allow time for special religious education. It is delivered by authorised representatives of approved religious groups to students who have nominated that religion. Times for classes are negotiated with the school. (

We are here to help

Currently providing teachers for the following schools

Arncliffe Public School

Blakehurst Public School

Arncliffe West Infants

Carlton Public School

Athelstane Public School

Peakhurst Public School

Bexley North Public

Rockdale Public School

Bexley Public School

And growing …

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